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Agent Spotlight – Amalie Carlin Raymond


As a career woman for the past 30 years – first within the beauty industry and now as a licensed real estate salesperson for the Glenn Advantage Team – I have had one main objective along the way and that has been to bring my clients happiness.  As a hair stylist, I have achieved great recognition over these past 30 years traveling the United States training other stylists, working some of the most prestigious conference circuits, building a robust clientele, and owning a spa of my own.  Although not as seasoned yet in the real estate industry, I am learning a lot every step of the way and am greatly enjoying the journey.  I have my mentors and colleagues with the Glenn Advantage Team at Nothnagle to thank for a great deal of my progression as a real estate agent.  I also have the beauty industry to thank as well.  My vast experience with, and knowledge of, client relationships has aided in a seamless entrance into the real estate world.  As I begin this new chapter of my career, I realize what a fundamental role my customer service skills have in both businesses.

When a client comes to me to get their hair done, they are entrusting me with something much more than a haircut, color, or a blow dry; they are entrusting me with their confidence.  They are expecting that when they leave my chair, they will look in the mirror and feel good about themselves and it is up to me to provide them with that feeling.  As with any service business, I have dealt with a vast array of clientele – from the client who is explicit about his or her wishes to the client who is very ambiguous.  Regardless of client type, style wishes, or explicitness, I have to ensure that the client leaves my chair with a feeling of self-confidence.  While at times this can be a difficult task, I have been able to finesse my client relationship skills over the past 30 years to a point where by intently listening, asking necessary questions, and most of all making my client feel comfortable, I can wade through any uncertainty and provide a satisfying experience for my client.  The gratification of a pleased client is two-fold: when an individual leaves my chair feeling confident and happy with the results, I too feel a sense of overwhelming gratification that I was able to fulfill the task they trusted me with.

Helping a client find, buy, sell, or rent a home mirrors many of the challenges accompanied with styling someone’s hair.  Change is never entirely void of anxiety or worry, whether that’s change with a hairstyle or change of a home.  Purchasing a home is often times the largest transaction one will make in his or her lifetime, and helping someone execute this transaction is no easy feat.  Similarly to the beauty business, my clients in real estate are entrusting me with more than just the logistical task at hand of finding them a home, they are entrusting me to make them feel at home.  There’s a difference between having a home and feeling at home: an individual doesn’t feel at home unless they are in a space that suits all of their needs, wants, and wishes.  Just as I do when I am styling someone’s hair, I have to listen intently, ask the right questions, and make my real estate clients feel comfortable so that I can properly deduce exactly what they are looking for.  I have been elated at every sale I’ve been a part of, not because I have completed a successful business transaction, but because I have made my client happy and have helped them find a place they feel at home in.  I am excited and very hopeful about all the future real estate clients I can help find a home for: I look forward to the continual development of my real estate career, and envision it coming to fruition just as my beauty career has.