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3 August 2016

When people hear “relocation”, they generally associate it with moving to a new city or different country.  However, relocation can be as close as the next town over.  No matter the distance, moving can be daunting – packing up all your belongings, transferring to a new home, and unpacking – plus all the bureaucratic tasks involved can seem overwhelming.  We, at the Glenn Advantage, have compiled a checklist and phone/resource list to help make relocating easier.

Who to Call

Banks, credit card companies, doctors, schools, and utility companies are only a few of the institutions you will need to contact when moving.  Download these two documents and keep them handy!

Moving Notification Checklist (PDF)

Transfer Utilities and other helpful numbers (PDF)

Transferring school districts?  Follow this link for contact information on schools in Monroe County!  You’ll find Public and Private Schools as well as a list of local Colleges.

Other Services

Need quotes from moving companies or need help with last minute fixes before closing but don’t have the time to do the research and calling around?  Check out our Home Services program!  As a Nothnagle client, you’ll have lifetime access to premium services before, during, and after your move.  You’ll find some information on our helpful numbers checklist or head to the website here or contact Glenn Advantage and we can get you started!


The Glenn Advantage Team is focused on building a lasting relationship with homebuyers and sellers – putting your needs above all else.  Our well-educated and experienced team of real estate agents is ready to help you find that perfect home or help you get your home sold – and make your move as smooth as possible.


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